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What do you think RS should have done with his sons instead?


Half & half.

I personally would have given everything to Indra anyway because I fall more in that camp myself, but from an objective standpoint, giving each brother half, and expecting them to cooperate in that respect, was the best option he had.

When Indra was passed over, his honor was slighted. In a society where one’s own honor is as important as it is in Japan, it’s really very stupid to dishonor your son for reasons he probably doesn’t understand and expect him to be perfectly fine with it. Honoring your parents is also important, but if you think that your parents are ideologically wrong and dishonoring to the clan, your own honor becomes more important. Indra likely saw this passover as not only a slight to him, but a slight to the entire family.

Ashura, the son who needed help with everything and, while eventually becoming powerful, came off as the weaker son initially. Relying on others, teamwork, community…etc….are all very important in Japanese culture, yes, and loners aren’t always looked kindly upon, but the figurehead of a clan should not be someone who relies on others out of weakness. And that’s exactly why Ashura initially relied on others. Indra likely saw this passover of inheritance as dishonorable not only to him, but to the clan and family as a whole. With equal inheritance, this would not be an issue.

There’s also the big issue that Flammabellum brought up. Ashura was supposedly kind of stupid. People could very easily take advantage of him, and because he was so trusting, it could easily go badly for both him and the clan. If Indra had half of the inheritance, this could be balanced out. Nobody would dare fuck with Ashura if he had Indra at his side.


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Little Team 10

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NaruSaku 2014  ✿Spring✿

March Theme: Happy Birthday Sakura! Sakura Appreciation
"I always considered myself to be a true ninja… but those were just empty words, because Sasuke-kun and Naruto were always in the lead! But now it’s my turn and you can all… Watch my back!
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I love the fact that Naruto had so many people in him (kurama, other tails beasts, his dad, his mother, a crow, a frog, Sasuke,evil naruto and Obito), that seeing an old man in his mind is no longer surprising.

He is just like who the hell are you and what life lesson are you going to give me now

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Thought Chanzra’s post about the similarities between Kaguya and the Reaper Death Seal was interesting.  I don’t think that they are the same being, but could they possibly be from the same “faraway place?”  Also, the marking on her forehead kind of reminded me of the Yin seal…

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Ship wars in Naruto


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Sakura Week : Day 1
Beautiful Flower~
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So if Orochimaru had to switch bodies every so often, does that mean he would eventually lose the sharingan when he switched anyway?

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Cheating level: Naruto
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